Why CERDAAC - Vision

At CERDAAC, we see a world where every regulated company harnesses the power of an innovative asset management system. We believe that the key to unlocking a business’s full potential lies in its ability to manage efficiently – it is the silent engine driving productivity and ensuring success.

Our vision is more than just an idea; it’s a commitment to our customers and to the future of asset management for regulated industries. Whether you oversee a burgeoning start-up or guide an established corporation, our goal is to provide a solution that lifts the weight of operational management from your shoulders.



In an economic landscape that's constantly shifting, asset management for regulated companies stands as a critical pillar that shapes how effectively a company can respond to change, cope with growth, and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Increase Productivity: Streamlined asset tracking and management lead to more efficient use of resources and minimizes downtime.

  • Reduce Equipment Downtime: Proactive maintenance schedules and real-time monitoring help catch issues early, saving you time and money.

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: With a reliable asset management system, adhere to industry standards and always be audit-ready.

  • Reduce Labor Costs: Automate routine tasks and utilize data for smart decision-making that directly influences your bottom line.


We manage calibration and repair services more efficiently than ever, minimizing downtime and staying well within regulatory requirements. The support team is beyond helpful."

Leading biotechnology customer


Our Commitment to Innovation

By aligning with our vision, our customers can expect:

  • Cutting-edge technology that evolves with industry trends.

  • A user-friendly platform that necessitates minimal training.

  • Scalable solutions that grow alongside your business.

  • Unparalleled customer support ready to assist every step of the way.

Propel Your Regulated Company Forward

Together, we can forge a future where asset management isn’t a chore but a strategic advantage that propels your regulated company forward. A future where your organization thrives – powered by efficiency, nurtured by knowledge, and guided by compliance.

Join us on this visionary path and redefine what your company can achieve. Because at CERDAAC we don’t just believe in managing assets; we believe in empowering businesses.