Solutions — Asset Management

Asset Performance Management Made Easy


Reduce Downtime, Boost Productivity

With CERDAAC, unplanned equipment downtime becomes a thing of the past. Our solution lets you automate workflows for more efficient maintenance – achieve more with less time and without interrupting your team’s productivity.


Compliance-Focused Dashboard

Gain complete visibility and control over each asset in your inventory with our compliance-focused dashboard. You'll easily:

  • Identify the status of every asset

  • Monitor service deadlines 

  • Track calibration certificates

  • Manage checklists

  • Access asset usage history and performance data in real-time

  • Simplify vendor management


Enhanced Visibility and Efficiency

CERDAAC offers the visibility and organizational efficiencies critical to managing numerous assets across your operation as well as:

  • Consolidating service scheduling, whether managed in-house or outsourced

  • Accessing critical information from any location, anytime

  • Managing service schedules and equipment status from a central interface

  • Navigating audits effortlessly with complete service histories and records

    Stay Alert, Stay Compliant

    Never miss a beat with our system’s real-time alert functionality. Stay informed of maintenance requests, approval signoffs, and any issues, no matter where you are. CERDAAC ensures that the right people are notified instantly for prompt action.

    Full Control Over Asset Performance

    Our change control and audit trail log provide detailed insights and oversight of end-user events, facilitating seamless management and review. Take the guesswork out of asset care and avoid costly, unexpected maintenance cycles.

    Drive Operational Excellence

    With vigilant asset performance management, you can push the boundaries of efficiency, budget control, and manufacturing excellence. CERDAAC isn’t just about maintenance – it’s about enabling your operations to thrive.

Ready to optimize your asset performance management? Contact us today to learn how CERDAAC can transform your operation.

Keep your assets—and your business—running smoothly. Trust in CERDAAC for effective asset maintenance that moves you forward.