Product Traceability Cloud

Trace Your Product Quality with CERDAAC


Traceability Cloud

Empower your quality teams and transform your product quality and compliance processes with the innovative CERDAAC Product Traceability Cloud. Our cloud-based solution helps you trace every critical quality process from incoming and in-line to final inspections.


Ensure Full Product Traceability

Trace Product Lineage

Establish a clear link between your manufacturing equipment and the products produced to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Rapid Identification

Quickly pinpoint products affected by non-conformance, minimizing risk and response time to protect your brand and customers.


Streamline Inspections and Approvals

Custom Digital Checklists

Simplify your inspections with tailor-made checklists that can be updated and managed digitally.

Automated Workflows

Say goodbye to manual routing. Receive automated notifications, escalations, and digital approvals for quicker turnaround.

Seamless Integration

Connect inspection data effortlessly with your non-conformance and CAPA processes for a cohesive quality system.


Digitalize and Secure Your Quality Documentation

The costs associated with quality are significant, with an estimated 12 to 18% of total industry revenue for medical device manufacturers alone—according to McKinsey & Company. Don't just manage your quality—improve it strategically while cutting administrative overhead and free your team to concentrate on what they do best—ensuring your product’s excellence.

Store Documents

Store all your Quality Control documentation, including sampling plans, inspection procedures, and SOPs, within a secure, easily accessible system.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Maintain a thorough, searchable record of all quality activities to support compliance efforts and audits.

Robust Dashboards

Visualize and manage your product quality data using customizable dashboards designed for comprehensive reporting.

With CERDAAC, we saved over $149K annually and mitigated our regulatory risk.

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Ensure your facility management is at the forefront of innovation with CERDAAC Facility Cloud.

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