Enroll & Control Cloud

Ensure Every Asset is Properly Enrolled and Managed


Enroll & Control Cloud

CERDAAC Enroll & Control Cloud helps manufacturers ensure that every asset in the plant is kept in compliance with evolving quality and regulatory requirements. It confirms that new assets have been properly enrolled in all the right systems and programs such as validation, calibration, preventive maintenance, and ESD testing.


Ensure Asset Compliance

Quality leaders are tasked with the enormous challenge of keeping every asset up-to-date with intricate and evolving compliance requirements. With CERDAAC, simplify this process with powerful features:

Onboarding and Enrollment

Seamlessly integrate new assets into your existing frameworks with minimal disruption.

Custom eForms

Create tailored forms for asset management and change control directly within the platform.

Asset Information Repository

All your asset data, organized and accessible in one central location.

Audit Trails

Maintain detailed and searchable records of every action for uncompromising audits.


Increase Operational Efficiencies

Operational excellence is within reach. Utilize CERDAAC to enhance productivity and eliminate redundant processes across the plant:

Streamlined Workflows

Utilize custom review and approval procedures equipped with digital signature authentication.

Asset Hierarchy

Clearly define relationships between assets to enhance organizational clarity.

Asset Labeling

Generate IDs and labels directly from the system to maintain order.

Asset Management

Advanced scanning and tracking facilitate immaculate inventory oversight.


Extend the Life of Assets

The longevity of your assets is a direct reflection of their maintenance. With CERDAAC, each asset gets the attention it deserves:


Stay informed about asset statuses with automatic alerts.

Plantwide Visibility

Complete transparency of assets within the plant and across the entire enterprise.

Unified System

CERDAAC acts as a singular record for all asset-related data, reducing complexity, and ensuring audit readiness.

With CERDAAC, we saved over $149K annually and mitigated our regulatory risk.

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The difference is clear. CERDAAC Enroll & Control Cloud is more than a cloud solution—it's a strategic partner in your pursuit of impeccable asset management and sustained compliance.

Transform how you oversee your assets today. Contact us to learn how CERDAAC Enroll & Control Cloud can revolutionize your asset management strategy.