Partner Cloud

Partner Cloud

Streamline and Secure Your Partner Management with CERDAAC Partner Cloud


Partner Cloud

CERDAAC Partner Cloud streamlines partnership management and ensures regulatory compliance. Supplier and vendor qualification, onboarding, and associated actions are accessed and managed by both OEMs and their partners. This bi-directional communication enhances visibility, traceability, and transparency and provides all relevant partnership information in single, FDA compliant, online database. Reduce errors and non-conformances from suppliers and vendors by eliminating siloed data, manual processes, and out-of-date records from process workflows.


Connect with Compliance

CERDAAC Partner Cloud organizes and streamlines partnership management.

  • Ensure Partner Compliance

  • Digital transformation of licensing, certification, and policy acknowledgments

  • Proactive alert notifications for critical renewals and updates

  • Manage rigorous partner audits and inspections with ease

  • Impeccable record-keeping of partner non-conformances for quick resolution


Enhance Efficiency

Eliminate the tedious manual processes that plague partnership management by leveraging our streamlined approach:

  • Streamline Partner Management

  • Qualify and manage your Approved Vendor List with unequivocal precision

  • Evaluate partner performance using customizable scorecards

  • Automate the flow and approval of all partner-related forms for a seamless process


Minimize Risks

In a world where audit-readiness can make or break a partnership, CERDAAC Partner Cloud is your safeguard:

  • Reduce Audit Risk

  • Infallible management of deviations and permit-to-work requests

  • Airtight audit trails that withstand scrutiny

  • Specified roles for employees, contractors, and partners, bolstering communication and documentation security

  • Dynamic, configurable dashboards, and detailed reporting for insightful oversight

With CERDAAC, we saved over $149K annually and mitigated our regulatory risk.

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Begin Your Path to Partnership Perfection

With CERDAAC Partner Cloud, take the decisive steps toward optimizing your partner network, driving incomparable performance, and setting a new standard in partnership success. Discover how CERDAAC Partner Cloud can redefine your partner management – Schedule a demo today!