Custom Cloud

State-of-the-art custom solution


Custom Cloud

Digitally transform your operations and quality processes with an intelligent custom solution that digitally transforms your unique operations and quality processes, making them faster, greener and more efficient.


Why Choose Custom Cloud?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead means leveraging technology to streamline your processes. Our Custom Cloud offers a comprehensive approach to digital transformation that targets your specific operational and quality needs. By integrating the latest technology and best practices, we ensure your workflows are optimized for maximum efficiency and sustainability.


How We Work with You

Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your current workflows compared to your desired state and industry best practices. CERDAAC will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements. Based on this assessment, we create a robust and custom solution tailored to your specifications. Our Customization Process Includes:

  • Tailored Views: Custom interfaces designed for your specific operational needs.

  • Forms: Customized forms to capture critical data efficiently.

  • Workflows: Streamlined workflows that enhance productivity and reduce bottlenecks.

  • Notifications: Automated notifications to keep your team informed and responsive.

  • Reports and Dashboards: Comprehensive reporting and dashboard solutions for real-time insights and decision-making.


Recent Custom Solutions

We pride ourselves on developing highly effective custom solutions for a range of compliance and operational needs. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Audit Scheduling and Management: Streamlined scheduling and management of audits to ensure compliance and efficiency.

  • Validation Scheduling and Management: Efficiently manage validation processes to maintain quality and compliance standards.

  • Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Task Management: Automate and manage EH&S tasks to ensure a safe and compliant working environment.

  • Equipment Downtime Tracking: Monitor and reduce equipment downtime to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • Radiation Exposure Tracking: Ensure the safety and compliance of personnel with comprehensive radiation exposure tracking

Ready to Transform?

Experience the future of operational excellence with CERDAAC’s Custom Cloud Solutions. Our expert team is ready to guide you through every step of your digital transformation journey.