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Transitioning from Pen and Paper to a CMMS


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From Manual to Digital: Elevate Your Life Sciences Maintenance with CMMS

Transition from traditional to digital with our CMMS Guide for life sciences. Designed for those in medical tech, pharmaceuticals, and biotech, this guide highlights the journey from manual record-keeping to a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), showcasing operational and compliance benefits.

  • Limitations of manual systems: Why Life Sciences companies struggle with paper and spreadsheet-based maintenance systems
  • Benefits of CMMS: See how CMMS boosts data accuracy, enhances maintenance efficiency, and supports compliance, resulting in cost savings.
  • Smooth Transition: Follow our steps for a successful CMMS adoption, including setting goals, system selection, team preparation, and data migration.
  • Real World Example: Discover Myriad Genetics’ CMMS success, highlighting significant ROI and improvements in maintenance and compliance.

Download now to streamline your maintenance operations and enhance decision-making with a CMMS.