August 2, 2022

E-Book: Top 5 Actions to Optimize Your Maintenance Program


Learn about the top 5 actions that leading manufacturers are taking today to optimize their maintenance programs.

What actions can you take to optimize your maintenance program and ensure continued success?

The proper maintenance of your equipment is essential and is one of the best ways to keep your production up and capital expenses down. Flaws in your maintenance program can lead to equipment failures that stop your production lines, endanger your workers, jeopardize your quality, and cost you a fortune. So it’s imperative that your maintenance program is always performing at optimal levels.


Automate preventive maintenance scheduling

Preventive maintenance (PM) is essential to keep your equipment running smoothly, prevent downtime, and prolong equipment life. Ensure you have an automated scheduling system to meet the equipment manufacturer’s specifications, trigger services by hours and/ or date, and send notifications of upcoming and services due. Your system should also balance schedules with manufacturing, provide service procedures to eliminate human error, and digitally store all PM service records and information.

Streamline work requests

It’s important to streamline the work requests you receive for unplanned maintenance and repairs or else you risk major production delays and mounting costs. Your work and repair request system should provide support for any number of requesters and be very easy for all to access online and use. The system should automate the work order workflow and include request notifications, confirmations, electronic signatures, and chain-of-command alerts and escalations to ensure prompt response and completion. It should also include robust parts management to ensure part availability.

Integrate with other manufacturing and quality processes

Your maintenance management system needs to integrate with your organization’s other key manufacturing and quality systems to ensure processes are properly synchronized. Your maintenance scheduling should be coordinated with the manufacturing production calendar so that maintenance can be performed when production lines are idle. Maintenance should also be coordinated with your calibration management system so that your measurement instrument can receive both services at the same time. And maintenance should also be tightly integrated with your asset management system to ensure all key asset information is easily available to authorized staff.

Monitor metrics and KPIs to improve performance

Your maintenance system needs to provide you with key metrics and KPIs to keep your program on track and continually improving. Your system should provide executive dashboards that display real-time program KPIs in easy to read charts and graphs. You should be able to access a wide range of pre-built reports to uncover program bottlenecks and streamline operations. Your system should have an easy-to-use report builder to create personalized reports that can help you obtain new insights about key aspects of your program.

Utilize state-of-the-art maintenance management software

To perform the four key actions above and obtain many other benefits, you should leverage new cloud-based maintenance management software like SIMCO’s CERDAAC Cloud. CERDAAC Cloud software is used by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to streamline and automate their maintenance, calibration, asset management, and other key quality and manufacturing support tasks. CERDAAC Cloud creates a secure, paperless maintenance workflow that reduces costs, improves operations, and supports FDA compliance. Because it’s a cloud solution, your users can securely access the system from anywhere and there are no IT support or hardware requirements.


CERDAAC is a fully integrated suite of Asset Management Clouds that automate and streamline calibration, maintenance, facilities management, and other processes to improve efficiency and minimize asset downtime. Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, CERDAAC is a prevalidated system that is purpose-built for highly regulated manufacturers who need to deliver high quality products while meeting complex regulatory requirements.

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