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Accelerate Time to Value

Researching and selecting the right software for your organization can take months. One often overlooked but critical criteria in your selection is the amount of time it will take to get your new system deployed and delivering value. Many software systems can take months and even years to implement. With CERDAAC, you can accelerate your software deployment, and be up and running in just a few weeks.

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2 week deployment

The deployment of CERDAAC was great. You were able to help us achieve the aggressive timeline we requested with accommodations and no hiccups. Assistance was superb, with quick turnaround time for all questions and answers.”

– Medical Healthcare Operations Company

Purpose-Built for Regulated Manufacturers

CERDAAC is a proven solution purpose-built for highly regulated manufacturers. We take the guesswork out of deployment. CERDAAC’s experience includes:

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life science manufacturers: including 16 of the top 20 global life sciences companies
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aerospace and defense contractors: including 14 of the top 20 global aerospace & defense companies
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services delivered
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Pre-Validated Solution

Manufacturers regulated by the FDA are required to validate that their systems comply with FDA requirements. While many software systems provide extensive documentation on how to validate your software, you must do the validation yourself. This can be time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly work. With CERDAAC:

  • You get a prevalidated system out of the box: saving you significant deployment resources, time and cost
  • All regulated quality system (21 CFR Part 820), electronic record (21 CFR Part 11) and safety related requirements are documented and tested for compliance with the FDA standard
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) verifies that the software has been installed and configured according to the software system provider’s specifications
  • Operating Qualification (OQ) verifies that the software’s features and functionality perform as intended and outlined in the product requirement specification
  • Performance Qualification (PQ): PQ verifies that the software’s performance over time under normal operating conditions to challenge its functionality and safety

Highly Configurable

Many software systems are configurable with code changes, but only with an extensive professional services engagement that costs you time as well as money. CERDAAC is highly and easily configurable, adapting as your business needs grow and change. With CERDAAC, you can:

  • Use clicks, not code, to configure fields to your needs
  • Use prebuilt workflows, forms, and fields you can use or easily change
  • Assign different user roles and permissions
  • Use prebuilt reports and dashboards that are easily customizable

Minimal IT Burden

CERDAAC is a modern cloud solution that removes much of the IT burden of purchasing, installing and maintaining software. With CERDAAC’s cloud solutions, you get:

  • A cloud solution that you can access right away, no need to install hardware or software
  • Anytime, anywhere access: users simply sign in online to access the system
  • Built-in security and automated backups and updates, all managed by CERDAAC
  • A dedicated deployment expert to help with your implementation

Training and Support

When you have questions, we are here to provide answers. CERDAAC offers both online help documentation as well as personalized support. We want you to be successful and get the most from your CERDAAC implementation. We provide:

  • Extensive online help documentation
  • Dedicated hands on setup support to help you configure your implementation
  • Live, hands-on training to get your users familiar with the system
  • Ongoing support to answer your questions and solve any issues
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Expert Professional Services

The CERDAAC team’s expertise in regulated manufacturing quality and lean Six Sigma processes can not only help you automate your existing processes, we can help you transform your processes to achieve greater productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our professional services team includes:

  • Over half of SIMCO employees have Lean Six Sigma training
  • Over 60 years of experience working with regulated manufacturers

Our team of experts can help you:

  • Further customize your quality system for your specific use cases and needs
  • Identify any gaps where new forms or processes may be needed
  • Optimize your existing processes to make them more efficient
  • Recommend additional changes to drive continuous improvement

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